In conjunction with the MUSEUM of SPEED at THE BEDFORD FAIRGROUNDS
1st Quarter 2020

As I write this newsletter in late March 2020, much has changed in the world of racing since we last met. In fact, much has changed around the world in general as we deal with this invisible, suffocating virus. What appeared to be a promising Spring of racing activity is currently on pause for an undetermined length of time until this virus pandemic can be reversed and checked. In the realm of the global picture of humanity, racing seems quite trivial at this time. But in an effort to be optimistic while maintaining a positive attitude we’ll briefly divert our attention in order to share some pertinent racing information and happenings.

The Southern Pennsylvania Historical Auto Racing Commission, (SPHARC), conducted their 3rd preseason fund raising party on February 29th at the Bedford American Legion. And once again a sellout crowd of racing dignitaries, guests, and fans were greeted by the Museum of Speed Board of Directors. The evening included several special moments and presentations, including unveiling the Museum Building’s design and layout. The Board, along with our architectural firm Stiffler & McGraw, spent the past fourteen months tweaking the buildings design. This was a critical phase of our project, but from the inception we had a vision of just what we felt would represent the image of a Speed related Museum. The two-story design must attract interest from potential public and private funding sources. The exterior has clean sleek lines with the strong semblance of an automotive or industrial appearance. Due to the terrain difference in elevation each floor will have drive in access for vehicles. There will be a first floor outside paddock area to display equipment, and a second-floor open air and glass enclosed viewing section. The interior will include a large modern computerized research library, a fully stocked gift shop, over 15,000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibit space, and ample room to conduct seminars and round table discussions. The open floor plan will permit multiple creative options to arrange vehicles and displays. We are very pleased with the design.

The party’s guests viewed a 20-minute highlight video from each of the fifteen racing personalities interviewed at this point in time. The video began with International star Mario Andretti mentioning his two failed attempts to race at Bedford in 1960/61 and concluded with a special yodeling rendition by our own Bedford County legend Jim Kennedy. Jim is an entertaining individual, but more impressive is the fact that if he crawls into his sprint car this year and turns a lap it will be his eighth decade competing behind the wheel of a race car. Truly an amazing feat at any level of racing or any competition in a sports arena.

The Directors want to thank all the Individuals and Businesses that contributed to the success of our event by donating merchandise or products. To all the volunteers that organized, served, sold, or helped in any way, Thank You. And finally, special recognition goes to artist Jeff Lindsay for donating four of his professionally drawn race sketches for our auction. They are a fan favorite.

In conjunction with the Museum Building project a discussion ensued centered on the benefit of designating the Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway a State Historical Landmark. By establishing the track with a Historical Marker, it will serve to enhance the tracks status to the general public, not only as a race
track with historical significance, but it will also serve to highlight another attraction along the Lincoln Highway corridor. The tracks historical designation may increase the opportunities for the Museum Board to pursue future funding at the State level. It will also create additional interest from the
private sector.

With the current restrictions in place no one knows when life will return to normal, the virus will dictate the timeline. As governments and businesses come to a complete stand still our current ability to market the project is also on hold. But planning moves forward in anticipation that schedules will be
restored soon. The Museum Board and Bedford Speedway Officials have discussed· promoting a daylong celebration for vintage race cars and hot rods on Saturday June 6. The idea is to give these race car enthusiasts an entire afternoon to turn laps around the half mile speedway. Contacts and plans
were evolving with several individuals and clubs when the shutdown occurred. But if we get back on track, literally, please keep that date in mind while checking out the Speedway’s and the Museum of Speed’s social media sites. Also, later this year will be the 3rd Annual Keystone Cup Classic on
Friday September 25th and Saturday September 26th. We will once again schedule a full day of entertainment and activities on Saturday to raise funds for the future Museum. With $ 20,000.00 going to Saturday’s 60 lap super late model feature winner, there is bound to be plenty of invading hot shoes in
town competing for the richest purse in Speedway history. Who could forget last year’s barn burner won by Rick Eckert.

Once again please keep checking our web page and face book site for updates and schedule changes. Our web page for additional information is, if you wish to email us with any questions: [email protected]

Our face book site is continually gaining followers as our Museum’s historians share their racing pictures, stories, and knowledge.

Thank You,
Jake Hoover