We lost another former driver on March 15, 2021, that was a winner in both open wheel and late-model cars, Ray Dovel. He and Lee Stultz teamed up in the mid to late 1960’s to form a potent team in the famous S-3. The Dovel vs Chamberlain battles at Hagerstown were epic in the 30 x 90 modified era. I’m not quite sure how the drivers and crews viewed it, but I can attest battle lines were drawn in the grandstand. It was a promoters dream with 2 top teams, one a Yankee from PA running a ford and one a Rebel from VA running a chevy. Add to the fact they ran cars for owners that took great pride in their equipment’s appearance, the Don Rice Ford vs the Lee Stultz Chevy. It was the best of times for many of us. Ray won over 50 features driving for Stultz, then went on to a very successful career in late-models driving most of those years ironically car #31, Chamberlain’s number.

Ray didn’t venture north to Bedford often, but in 1966 he made the most of his one appearance in the S-3 when he won a Memorial Day special by beating runner-up Jr Ritchey and 3rd place Gerald Chamberlain.

He was a good one on and off the track.