In June of 1966 twenty year old Kenny Weld brought his young family east for fame & fortune on the weekly Pennsylvania 30×90 modified tracks. First stop was Bedford where promoter Roy Morral paid $500 for a feature win, plus a carburetor bonus. Roy banned wings & knobby tires, but what started out as a firm set of basic rules would evolve into a rebellion by the local boys against a contingent of sprint cars in sheep’s clothing. By mid-June that year the locals were still winning with their conventional mods. But when Weld went to the track side in his #94 it was apparent either this car or driver was superior, or perhaps a combination of both. By night’s end the feature winner’s check was made out to Weld, and the evolution of open wheel racing in our area was about to phase out the individual unique appearance of the 30×90 modifieds we all enjoyed.


The MoS photo shows Weld after his first night’s win at Bedford.